Regional Book Of Beasts

Get creative at Chalk De Ville the interactive drawing experience.

The medieval Book of Beasts work shop encourages participants to explore uncanny creatures to create there own ultimate monster. A photographic image will be produced helping form Shepway’s very own regional book of mythical beasts.

Free workshops delivered by Club Shepway artist Matt Rowe.
Max five students per work shop ages  6 – adult

To book please email
Find out more and download the resource pack at:

Art Car Bootique

Art Car Boot Fair Projects and Pretty Taxing present
at Tom Dixon’s exciting design week extravaganza ‘The Dock’
Portobello Dock, 344 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5BU
(corner of Ladbroke Grove and Harrow Road)
The Art Car Bootique will distill the Art Car Boot Fair’s winning combination of fine art art and high end frivolity into a ‘best of the boot fair’ event at the cobbled canalside delights of Portobello Dock and Tom Dixon’s design week extravaganza. All manner of artworks, artwares and services direct from the car boot from artworld luminaries and emerging talents including Sir Peter Blake, Nick Reynolds, Gavin Turk, Pretty Taxing, Scrawl Collective, Club Shepway and the House of Fairytales ( featuring works from Fiona Banner, Simon Bill, Sir Peter Blake, Mat Collishaw, Enrico David, Ian Dawson, Jeremy Deller & Alan Kane, Simon English, Bert Gilbert, Harland Miller, Cornelia Parker, Simon Periton, Paula Rego, Jane Simpson, Bob & Roberta Smith, Kiki Smith, Francis Upritchard, Rachel Whiteread). Fine art, street art, limited edition prints, cool sculptures, art for kids and live while-you-wait portrait painting plus lots of arty entertainments.
The Dock, 21st – 27th September, is an emporium of creative talent curated by Tom Dixon and sponsored by Derwent London. Part of London Design Festival 2009, the event takes place at the new Portobello Dock development in Ladbroke Grove and plays host to a series of stand alone exhibitions, installations and pop-up shops spanning food, fashion, art, design and new media. For more info see



Featuring Works by: Haily Bates, Benjamin Flecture, Vicky Foster and Matt Rowe

Thought out the summer the B&B Project Space Presents Menagerie an exhibition platform for artists to explore kentish flora and forna from coast to countryside.

Uncanny exhibits include: reconfigured road kill, the retirement home for china dogs, a hand whittled furniture tree and a beach made from genuine imitation shingle.

pictured above Mark Dion emersed in kentish flora and forna at the B&B Project Space 2008
© Matt Rowe

© Matt Rowe

Vernacular Events 2008

Vernacular Spectacular

Club Shepway has been given the opportunity to use Folkestone’s historicfunicular lift throughout the Triennale of 2008. The space, comprising the carriages and the lower entrance, is available for the fourteen consecutive weekends of the town’s international art event.

We hereby invite artists and performers, individually or as groups, to develop artevents and interventions suitable for this unique and idiosyncratic venue. The lift offers panoramic views to the foreshore below and over to France. The lift is the remaining survivor of a series of lifts, developed during the 1880s,by the Folkestone Pier and Lift Company Ltd. It’s purpose was to overcome the peculiar geography of Folkestone’s seafront and to connect the different social worlds of the foreshore and Leas.

Remember, the lift takes 40 seconds to travel from the foreshore to the Leas. So,we are offering a captive audience, but only for a short while! It’s a little and often kind of thing. Club Shepway invites you to collaborate with us and to re-invent this uniquespace as a contemporary art event during the summer.


Folkestone’s Leas Lift was built in 1885. The Folkestone Pier and Lift Company Ltd developed the lifts as a means of connecting the coastal parkland promenade, called the Leas, with the foreshore and seafront below. This was especially important, as the particular geography of Folkestone, with its cliff-top parkland setting, had conspired to make the journey from resort to seafront unnecessarily irksome.

The new lifts moved people up and down the cliff with every convenience. The Leas Lift is a modest example of Victorian engineering ingenuity. It is a funicular, or rope, tramway whose two cars operate in a balanced system powered by water and gravity. Similar lifts may be found at regular intervals around the English coast. Indeed, there were once several similar lifts in Folkestone.

The foreshore area of Folkestone developed as a slightly separate entity from the town’s residential resort. The resort and Leas were distinguished by Victorian gentility. The foreshore, in contrast, was associated with the pleasures of seabathing, switchback and pier.

So, the funicular railway made a connection between two worlds, each defined by very different codes. The hedonism of the foreshore amusements, even if only enjoyed vicariously, challenged the stiff manners of the resort. The tension between these worlds, experienced by every traveller between above and below, made the near-vertical journey all the more exciting. The Leas Lifts are an exciting new art space defined by time and movement.Club Shepway welcomes our colleagues and friends to work and share this space throughout the summer. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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Naughty But Nice

Naughty But Nice

“Simon Kennedy is a sculptor at home in the backroom of a seaside joke shop and under the canvas of the big top. Mischievous, playful, roguish, he is an artist of the anomalous, a dedicated observer of the under current with his feet planted firmly beneath the pier. Here, amongst the peculiar debris of our lives, adrift in an emotional landscape of greasy chip-forks and lost ice-creams, we find art with the kind of disreputable perfectionism we might expect from the needle on a tattoo artist’s gun….. “

©Matt Rowe

©Matt Rowe