Slow Signs

Jo Willoughby and Stair/Slide/Space Sat 4 Oct – 02 Nov

Jo Willoughby’s photo-documentation of found situations capture beautiful coincidences whilst reflecting forgotten spaces in everyday Britain. Often focusing upon forgotten and overlooked objects, these images often seem to capture potential signs or symbols, glimpses of colour and shape that jar with the surroundings. Although the narrative of each image is often ambiguous, when placed in pairs these captured outlines begin to create their own connections and aesthetic vernacular of Britain.

In this installation two slide-projectors will throw images next to one another at random, letting chance match sporadic corners of Britain. The already extensive visual lexicon will be developed through ‘residency days’ where Jo Willoughby will visit Folkestone to look for new editions to the slow-signs collection.

Images are currently collected on

The B&B Project Space Participatory project
Alongside the exhibition Letty Clarke and Abigail Gilchrist from Stair Slide Space will conduct a participatory strand to the project, inviting the public (visitors to the exhibition) to take part in an ever growing 3D relief. This will take place while introducing or discussing notions of object oriented ontology. The visitors will be invited to make an impression of an object that they have on them to contribute to a collaborative relief image. Any comments about what the amalgamated objects may remind people of will be recorded and where possible Letty and Abi will add a representing impression of that new object. The collaborative relief will create its own narrative alongside the exhibitions’ shifting narrative created by artist Jo Willoughby. Together these will help to forge some kind of anthropology of familiar culture from the local area.