Reframing – Korinna McRobert

Throughout January the B&B project space will host a perpetual screening of Korinna McRobert Reframing (2012)

The films performative and filmic approach explores issues of trauma using visual and oral dialogue, from a female standpoint. Reframing suggests multiple parallels between invasion and rape: the act of controlling and taking what is not given, whether it is a body, land, resources or spiritual identity.

Reframing was shot on location in Cyprus and the work is compiled of a series of site-specific performances, documented and cut to make a continuous film in conjunction with filmmaker Emilie Kengmo Chappatte.

Korinna produced and edited the film during a one-month residency-internship in July 2012 with Dover Arts Development (DAD), as part of DAD’s War & Peace programme.

Reframing has been shown in the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, Dover, UK (2012) and is currently been scheduled to be screened at selected venues around kent.